Spanish children’s novels honour Latin art and put language into action

Children's spanish novelsAll students in Grade 10 as well as four students from Grade 11 wrote children’s novels in Spanish. These novels included cultural references, and students used the work of Hispanic artists or created artwork inspired by Hispanic artists for their novels.

A huge success from a linguistic perspective, many of these mini-novels surpassed what was expected with the incorporated cultural information as well.

Taking action on Knowledge: Students receive letter from the government of New Zealand

We are very excited to have received a response from the Honourable Maggie Barry and the Honourable Nathan Guy, Members of Parliament in New Zealand, with regards to our letter about the Maui’s dolphins. Mmes. Kalli and Gail’s students wrote letters to the government of New Zealand, asking them to help protect the endangered dolphins that swim in New Zealand waters.

Students had studied New Zealand as part of the Kindergarten Around the World project. In addition to the lovely letter they also sent us two books, one about penguins and one about sea lions!


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