Bulletin - Head of School's Message

Dear CFIS Parents, Faculty and Staff,

We had a wonderful assembly and walk to honour the 35th anniversary of Terry Fox’s run across Canada on September 29. 

Thank you to all the organizers for the amazing work and heart you put into this event and to our parent, staff, faculty and student participants. 


Mme. Margaret Dorrance
Head of School

Parking Lot Rules: Follow these rules at all times to help keep our school safe for eveyrone

Parking lot rules at the Calgary French and International SchoolThe CFIS parking lot was renovated over the summer to incorporate sidewalks around the perimeter and add additional crosswalks.

Pedestrians are asked to refrain from walking on the roadways within the parking lot and to use sidewalks and designated crosswalks at all times.  

Before-and-After School Program

We are excited to begin a new year in BAS, guided by with the CFIS mission, vision and values. Our program will continue to help each child to develop to their full potential. This will be done by planning a variety of activities based on the children’s interests and needs. The children will be encouraged to contribute ideas to the daily programming and share their knowledge with others.


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