Bulletin - Head of School's Message

Over the past month, CFIS’s dedicated faculty and administration staff completed the annual four-week flurry of final lessons, events, exams, Spring Benefit experiences, and numerous other June initiatives. They were joined by the students, in a school-wide commitment to demonstration of learning right through to the last day. Together, we kept up the pace to the final day of classes.  

CFIS celebrates Right to Play annual flagship event

Today We Play Aujourd’hui on joueOnce again this year, the CFIS elementary physical education department took part in celebrating Right To Play Canada’s flagship annual school sporting event—Today We Play [in French—Aujourd’hui on joue]. 

Parent address for M. Boucher's retirement assembly

Pierre Boucher works with students in the gardenParent address for M. Boucher

By CFIS parent, Kim M.

Many of you might not know me.  My name is Kim, and our family has been at CFIS for 14 years.


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