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Early Childhood Education

Fostering all aspects of your child's development 

Our early childhood program fosters students’ growth across all areas of early development and learning, keeping French language acquisition at the core of all we do. Carefully planned learning experiences target children’s individual needs and interests, in the areas of language development, social-emotional competence, early literacy, early numeracy, scientific exploration, gross and fine motor skills, health and well-being, and artistic appreciation and expression.

In the Early Childhood Education Division (ECE) we:

  • Offer an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to early French immersion education

  • Emphasize internationalism and character development

  • Provide meaningful interactions with people and objects

  • Encourage leadership development

  • Create an environment full of happiness and joy

  • Employ research-based pedagogy 

  • Follow a play-based, emergent-curriculum model

  • Strive to balance physical, intellectual and emotional learning

  • Observe and document each child’s progress during authentic play-based tasks

  • Offer music, visual arts, and physical education classes with dedicated specialist teachers

  • Communicate intentionally and regularly with parents

  • Include hands-on learning through field trips and invited classroom guests

Our ECE programming includes a variety of program options:

  • Preschool: half-day (morning 8:30-11:30AM) and full-day (8:30AM-3:30PM) programs

  • Junior Kindergarten: half-day (morning 8:30-11:30AM) and full-day (8:30AM-3:30PM) programs.

  • Multi-age full-day program for three and four year olds

  • Kindergarten: full-day program

  • Before- and after-school care (additional fees)

Learn more about our emergent curriculum learning environment here

CFIS Preschool and Junior Kindergarten Fee Reduction

Our preschool and junior kindergarten programs are licensed under the Childcare Licensing Act in Alberta and allow all families with little ones to benefit from the new childcare grants and subsidies. The new Canada–Alberta Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, announced in November 2021, applies to CFIS preschool and junior kindergarten students. This means that families with preschool and JK-aged children can be part of CFIS' play-based, emergent curriculum at reduced tuition rates and while they learn French.