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Individualized Learning and Strong Academics

We teach students, not subjects. The elementary team cares about your child’s academic and emotional success.

The Elementary Division:

  • Provides each student with individualized attention

  • Balanced approaches to teaching and learning

  • Sets appropriate learning targets for each student and uses a small group and individualized approach

  • Uses a team approach to support each student’s transition from grade to grade

  • Works collaboratively with parents in ensuring that each student thrives

  • Enriches curriculum through the infusion of UNESCO themes and values

  • Provides students with opportunities to connect with other students both locally and internationally

Balancing student life and wellness, we:

  • Recognize students' need for a diverse and well-balanced program

  • Allows students the opportunity to develop physically through cooperation, teamwork and the opportunity to play in physical education

  • Focus on creativity,  critical thinking and taking risks and allow each student to be an artist through visual arts

  • Foster musicality through rhythm, voice, and introduction to and playing of instruments

  • Creating a sense of belonging, the ability to play together, and mastery of an instrument through the band program

  • Develop a third language, Spanish, through cultural connections, and learning language through dance, poem, play, crafting

  • Supporting students in leading philanthropic initiatives for their school and community