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Inspiring our students 


Exceptional faculty and staff at CFIS inspire students to achieve by providing a creative and immersive learning experience.

From classroom teachers, specialists in music, art, and physical education, learning strategists, school psychologist, curriculum leaders and leaders of programs, we hire, develop and retain the best in their fields. Our educational leadership in each division is world class. Together, our team delivers an excellent educational experience for every student in our care.

Our teachers leverage development and meeting times to prepare their classroom lessons and utilize resources to achieve goals. Our team serves as coaches, mentors, directors, activists, philanthropists, and producers of student initiatives outside the classroom.

Professional development takes center stage ensuring our faculty and staff stay current with best practices. Outside the classroom, our educators model leadership as they pursue opportunities for conference presentations, action research, and publication in professional journals.

Most of all, here at CFIS we love what we do. Our enthusiasm for learning is contagious. 



Mme Margaret Dorrance
Head of School

Mme Nicola Camirand
Assistant Head, Academics

M. Gilbert Dreyfuss
Principal, Secondary School Division

Mme Tawnya Schile
Principal, Elementary School Division

Mme Amy Murray
Principal, Early Childhood Education