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Our Mission


Calgary French & International School develops each student’s individual and academic potential through full French immersion, an international focus and the development of the whole student in a rich and dynamic learning environment.


CFIS graduates will be active global citizens with a foundation for life-long success, and our school will be the leader in French immersion and international education.


Calgary French & International School values:

  • Each student’s unique potential 

  • The highest quality French language skills and academics

  • Creative, innovative and critical thinking

  • Development of the whole student by engagement in sports and the fine arts 

  • The school community of involved parents and students and the highest quality, committed faculty and staff 

  • Openness, inquisitiveness and understanding of our community and the world beyond our experience

  • Leadership development and opportunities to lead at every age

  • Global focus, cultural diversity and international perspectives

  • Mutual respect and self-respect

  • Ethical, responsible citizenship

As a leader in French immersion and international education, Calgary French & International School opens a world of possibilities for our students. 

Je suis CFIS

The translation of this simple phrase, I am CFIS, and what it means to the various members of our community, and indeed to others from beyond our community, is far more meaningful than these three words might indicate. 

The CFIS mission statement can be summed up in the school’s three “Je suis” statements: 

Je suis un citoyen global. I am a global citizen.

Je suis apprenant engagé. I am an engaged learner.

Je suis un leader actif. I am an active leader.

Each statement reflects the experience for CFIS students of all ages — including our youngest students, who are just beginning their French immersion journey. Exploring each of these phrases in greater depth allows for a much better sense of who we are as a community. Read more about what "Je suis CFIS" means for CFIS students in our blog.

To learn more about our students' education and experience at CFIS, contact our Admissions team at