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Our Mission

Global Citizens with a Foundation for Life-Long Success 

Our Mission

At Calgary French & International School, we want to fling open the doors of opportunity for our students. We do that by developing each student’s individual and academic potential through full French immersion, an international focus, and the development of the whole student in a rich and dynamic learning environment.

We envision our graduates as active global citizens standing solid on a foundation built for life-long success. We have confidence in this vision because we are the leader in French Immersion and international education.


We have four goals that inspire us to get up every morning and take on the day to help produce exceptional students. We want to:

  1. Excel academically and develop the whole student
  2. Provide a safe, secure, and enduring school community
  3. Stand out as a leader in French immersion and international education
  4. Become the school of choice for French immersion

We live in a globally integrating world, so at CFIS we are doing what we can to produce global-thinking students. Being multilingual opens a world of possibilities.