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Art workshop, fall field trips, and printing practice

As part of our programming, each preschool and junior kindergarten class has a scheduled art workshop time, once every 6 weeks, where they travel up to the “big kids” art room to learn from one of our specialist teachers. This week, Mme Abi’s JK class had the first art workshop of the year, and were delighted to create beautiful, collaborative, multi-coloured silhouettes. You can see these on display outside the classroom!
Our grade one classes went on a field trip to the Inglewood Bird sanctuary this week, where they spent a half-day studying seasonal changes as part of their science program. They returned to school with shining eyes, eager to tell me about the plants and animals they had seen, and all the evidence of winter’s approach.
In kindergarten, the students have begun structured printing instruction, using the Handwriting Without Tears program, which was developed by occupational therapists. This systematic and thorough approach supports the development of good penmanship habits, and allows little hands to build the strength and stamina necessary to print clearly and efficiently. I got to look at some of their work today; they were so proud to show me how they were printing their letters carefully, and using the program’s visual references to ensure their letters were the correct size and shape.

Did you know…

That even before they begin formal printing instruction in kindergarten, CFIS preschool and JK students have frequent opportunities to practice important pre-writing skills? This photo essay shows the myriad ways that thoughtful early educators ensure that a play-based program lays a deep and strong foundation for later academic work:

For some further reading, this New York Times piece explains why printing is more than just a motor skill, and how it is an important contributor to of cognitive development and overall literacy:


Have a wonderful weekend!