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Bike rodeo, office visitors, and summer reading

Pedal Heads at Calgary French & International SchoolOur kindergarten students all brought their bikes and helmets to school on Tuesday, and participated in the Pedalheads bike rodeo safety program here in our schoolyard. While this program always requires some careful logistics, it is such a rich experience for the students. It feels like a special treat to have their bikes at school, and they learn so much about staying safe on the roads and pathways. Thanks to all of the parents who volunteered to help our little riders!
This morning, two of our grade six students popped into my office on their way to music. They gave me hugs and checked on my fish, and then, somewhat shyly, asked: “Mme Amy, we can still come in here next year, right? We’re still allowed, even when we are in junior high?” My answer, of course, was a resounding yes, and an extra round of hugs before they headed to the band room. These little moments are perhaps my favourite thing about being part of a school community for nearly 10 years.

Did you know…

That one of my favourite things about summer is having time to read as much as I want? This summer, I am again travelling to Berlin to spend time with my 8 month old nephew, and I plan to bring some picture books to start building his library. The link below is an especially good list of picture books to enjoy with your little ones over the summer. Many of the titles are interactive read-alouds that both adults and children will enjoy. The site also offers lists of great reads for children of all ages. (And I find that some of the young adult literature makes great light reading for grownups, too!)


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