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A Minute With Mme Amy

The View from The First Floor (highlights from my week):

Pretend play and development: The View from The First Floor

I am combining my messages from last week and this week, as Mme Camirand and I were away for several days attending a an International Baccalaureate conference with teachers from around the world. As you know, CFIS has begun the implementation of the IB Diploma Programme.

Visiting student teachers: Message from the Principal of Elementary

In October, I had the pleasure of hosting two cohorts of student teachers from the University of Calgary (U of C). The purpose of their week with us was to observe learning and teaching in our school. 

Moana inspired community: The view from the first floor with Mme Amy


CFIS band playing the Moana soundtrackThis week, we have hosted a group of 10 practicum students from the University of Calgary. Seeing our school through the eyes of new educators always provides a valuable reminder of how fortunate I am to have found a professional home at CFIS.


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