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School Uniform FAQs

What are the different uniform types?

Formal uniform is a combination of uniform pieces worn during special events such as assemblies, the first day back to school after the summer, winter and spring breaks, most field trips, classroom guests and key days throughout the year. 
Regular uniform is worn on most non-formal days. Summer uniform pieces are optional and may be worn in lieu of the regular uniform during certain times of the year. 

Subscribe to your new iCal feeds

The CFIS online calendar is the main source of information about daily activities at the school. All families are encouraged to subscribe to iCal feeds for their children’s grades on their home computer and mobile device. 

We encourage all parents to subscribe to a customized CFIS iCal feed on their phone and home computer.

CFIS calendar feeds are grade-specific from preschool to Grade 12, with separate feeds by gender for athletics up to senior high that allow parents to turn practices and games on and off depending on whether their child is on a team that season.

Before- and After-School Program

We are excited to begin a new year of the CFIS BAS program which is licensed under the Alberta Child Care Licensing Act. We believe that the program is an extension of the school day and will maintain the same standards, expectations, and values of the CFIS school day.

Find balance with healthy lunches in the CFIS cafeterias

CFIS continues to provide a lunch option for staff and students that is healthy, well-balanced and contributes to the achievement of our students’ full academic potential and lifelong, healthy living choices. Menu selections are based on Canada’s Food Guide for Healthy Eating.

The Seed and Core cafeterias begin lunch service on Monday, September 11 - one week earlier than in years past. Online ordering begins on Monday, September 4 and is open until Friday, September 8 at 2:30 p.m.


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