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The Sky is the Limit ✈️
Anne-Marie Meunier, Lead Junior Kindergarten Teacher 

After an exciting visit and presentation from Air Canada at Calgary French & International School (CFIS), our Junior Kindergarten students were on Cloud 9. 

As an emergent curriculum-based school, seeing what will catch our students' attention is always exciting, and it allows our teachers to build lesson plans around topics that keep students interested and engaged.

This year, a passion for aviation has taken flight. What started with curiosity about planes, drones and helicopters led us to a field trip to Springbank Airport YBW, where our students were welcomed by the Calgary Flying Club with open "wings". They got to sit in a Cessna cockpit, try on headsets, see planes of all shapes and sizes, learn about air traffic control and fly their own paper airplanes.

Still flying high from their field trip to the airport, it was clear that our Junior Kindergarteners’ passion for all things flight was insatiable. 

This is where the fantastic people at Air Canada came in. After reaching out to share our students’ enthusiasm, Mr. Kevin Mio, Manager of Corporate Communications at Air Canada, kindly arranged a pilot presentation for our little ones with Commandant Sandra Loutitt. 

Commandant Loutitt captured our aviation enthusiasts' attention immediately. She spoke about wanting to be a pilot since she was five and how she persevered to make her dreams come true — validating so many of our students' aspirations. She talked about different planes, the studies required to become a pilot, flight simulators and, much to our students' amusement, what you'll find in an aviator's carry-on. She shared pictures of her adventures, including flying hydro-planes around the globe and landing near curious penguins in Antarctica. Fascinated, our young students asked numerous questions; some wanted to know about flying through the northern lights and snow storms or how to land on rough waters. Commandant Loutitt graciously answered each question, leaving our students feeling valued and inspired. 

At the end of the presentation, thanks to Mr. Mio and his colleagues at the Air Canada Foundation, whose motto is 'helping kids spread their wings,' our students were sent flying home to their parents with some flight-themed surprises, including "Honorary Pilot" certificates. 

This adventure in following our students' passion through the emergent curriculum at CFIS aligns with our belief in nurturing an international open-mindedness. It has truly brought the world into our classrooms, thanks to Air Canada, the Air Canada Foundation, Mr. Mio and Commandant Loutitt. Thank you all for encouraging our young students to follow their dreams and showing them that the sky is truly the limit!