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A glimpse into the science of early reading skills

Our kindergarten classes have been working on their environmental print unit, and it has been exciting to see parents sending in images of the signs and symbols that their little ones are able to “read,” without even knowing that they are reading! When children can recognize the black-on-yellow print of “Cheerios,” or tell you that you just drove past Dairy Queen, these are often the first instances of beginning reading?

Let's talk! (Today, and every day.)

I was approached by three Grade 7 students (Ava, Sydney and Emily) today, who asked me to watch the "Bell Let’s Talk" short video en français. They thanked me, gave me a sticker for doing this, and asked if I would post about it. All of CFIS's HPLS students, under the leadership of Mmes Crandall and Trombetta and M. Boudon, are being agents of change in this manner.

Well done - and let's keep talking!


Thank you, Michael Bridge!

It was great to have Michael Bridge (CFIS class of 2011) reconnect with our school last week by providing our Secondary Division students with a superb musical performance! We wish Michael much success in his doctoral music studies at the University of Toronto.


Skating skills, collaboration, and reading the same book again and again

The View from the First Floor (highlights from my week):

Our kindergarten classes wrapped up their skating lessons this week, and several of the students have proudly told me, “Mme Amy! I could not skate before, but now I can!”


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