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More concerts, after-school holiday play, and supporting little introverts

This week, I have attended four more holiday concerts, these ones for kindergarten, Grade 1, Grades 2 - 4, and Grades 5 - 6. This brings my grand total up to 10 concerts in 6 school days! While this makes for undeniably busy days, it brings me so much joy to see our students progress from whispering 3 year olds to confident 6th graders playing their instruments.

Concerts, stone soup, and holiday anxiety

In the last three days, I have had the enormous pleasure of attending all six of the preschool and JK winter concerts. I even got to narrate the preschool performances! At every show, I was blown away by our students’ growth and confidence, our teachers’ passion and patience, and parents’ pride in your little ones’ performances. Thanks to all of you for making time to be part of this magical time of year.

Message from Music & Band

It has been an eventful few months for the Grades 4-6 elementary music program. The Grade 4 music classes have been working hard on their music literacy, and the students are starting to get excited about reading music. The Grade 5 students are now at the stage of knowing eight notes on their instruments, and are busy preparing for their first performance. The Grade 6’s have shown a lot of maturity as of late, as they rehearse all together!

All Grades 4, 5 and 6 will perform at the Winter Concert, in CFIS’s Elementary Gymnasium, on Wednesday, December 12th, at 2 p.m.

A Message from Student Services

The holiday season can be stressful for adults. Did you know that the holidays can also cause stress for children? Here are a few tips to help your child cope with the social stress of the festive season:


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