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Camp CFIS Registration


Please complete one registration per child.

Camp CFIS operates the following hours: 
August 8th to 12th; 8:30am - 5:00pm 
August 15th to 19th; 8:30am - 3:30pm 

Must contain only numbers
Grade as of September 2022requiredOnly 20 spots are available per camp.
Only 20 spots are available per camp.
Is your child enrolled at CFIS?required
Which Summer Program are you Registering for?requiredPlease select up to 1 choice
Please select up to 1 choice
Camp Shirt SizerequiredEach camper will receive a complimentary Camp CFIS shirt. Please select your child's t-shirt size.
Each camper will receive a complimentary Camp CFIS shirt. Please select your child's t-shirt size.
Contact Information:
Guardians Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Second Guardians Name (if applicable)
First Name
Last Name

Emergency Contact: 

Person to contact when guardians listed above cannot be reached. Must be within a half hour’s drive of school.

First Name
Last Name
Child's Medical Information:
Does this child have medical needs?required
Does the child require medication? If yes, please note an Authorization to Administer Medication form must be completed and signed along with the medication. required

Summer Camp Fees 

Fees: $400 per week 
Fees are due at the time of Registration.
If the camp is cancelled, fees will be fully refunded.  


Parent/Guardian Permissions Please initial beside each for permission:

Camp CFIS programs will follow the Policies and Procedures as outlined in the Camp CFIS Handbook and agree to the following.  I have been made aware of the Camp CFIS Handbook.  

  1. I/We agree to allow our child to participate in all planned activities, including outdoors, off-site, and indoors activities.

  2. I hereby give permission for staff with valid First Aid certification to provide healthcare / first aid to my child.

  3. In situations where my child requires emergency medical care, I hereby give permission for Camp CFIS Staff to contact emergency services (911). I understand that I am responsible for any expenses incurred for emergency services required for my child.

  4. I understand in the event that I cannot be contacted, the emergency contact person that I have provided above will be contacted to support the child. 

  5. I understand that if my child becomes ill while attending the program, that I will be called to pick my child up from the program within half an hour.  If I can’t be reached, the emergency contact will be notified to pick up my child.

  6. If my child is ill at home, I will notify the program of their illness and follow procedures provided to me by the Camp Coordinator. 

  7. I understand that if my child is going to be absent from the camp program, I will notify the Camp Coordinator, Colleen Hutton via email at There are no refunds or "banking" of missed days for a child who is absent from the camp program due to sickness, appointments or holidays, etc. 

  8. I hereby give permission for my child to participate in activities offered away from Calgary French & International School property and within the neighbourhood and parks that are within walking distance of the school. A separate Field Trip form will be provided for parent signature for all other off-site activities (applies to Outdoor Explorers camp participants only).  

  9. I hereby acknowledge that I will be responsible for escorting my child in and out for the camp each  day.  I understand that my child will only be released to those persons who I have permitted in writing.  

  10. I understand that, once my child's placement in the Camp CFIS is confirmed, there may be additional, mandatory forms and permissions to complete, including Alternate Pick Up, Field Trip, and any medication forms.

  11. Late Departure Policy - The Outdoor Explorers Camp program closes at 5:00pm for Grades 1-6, and 3:30pm for Kickoff to Kindergarten. Please be punctual in collecting your child. If a situation arises when you are unavoidably late to pick up your child, there will be a late fee charged as follows: 1-15 minutes late - $20.00 fee; 16-30 minutes late - $50.00 fee 

By signing below, I declare that I have read and understand the information contained on this form and the information I have provided is correct. I confirm that I have the authority to sign this consent and will inform my child’s other legal parent or guardian of the contents of this consent and the fact that it has been signed. I hereby agree to the terms of the Camp CFIS registration and that information provided is accurate.
Parent/Guardian Signature required
First Name
Last Name

Payment Information

Provide an email address for the receipt.
Please select a payment typerequired
Billing Addressrequired
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