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Concerts, stone soup, and holiday anxiety

In the last three days, I have had the enormous pleasure of attending all six of the preschool and JK winter concerts. I even got to narrate the preschool performances! At every show, I was blown away by our students’ growth and confidence, our teachers’ passion and patience, and parents’ pride in your little ones’ performances. Thanks to all of you for making time to be part of this magical time of year.

This afternoon, our kindergarten classes made “stone soup” as the conclusion of their unit studying this popular folk tale. They have read many versions of the story, drawn pictures, learned about vegetables, and today each student brought in some chopped veggies to contribute to a collective pot of soup, which then cooked in a slow-cooker until everyone got to taste it.

Over the course of this week, all of our kindergarten thru grade six students have participated in special “Hour of Code” activities in our secondary library. Using age-appropriate hands-on materials, they have explored the worlds of coding, computational thinking, and robotics. Yesterday, upon returning downstairs, one of our grade one students declared: “Mme Amy! We were coding! Like real grown ups!” With actual robots!”

Did you know…

That while holiday traditions and travel can be exciting, they can be just as stressful for children as for adults? If you find that your little one is a little “off,”  (or even downright difficult) in the coming weeks, you are not alone. Special visitors, extra outings, even new decor are all fun for children, but some kiddos feel anxious about even small changes such as moving the couch to make room for the Christmas tree. This piece is full of concrete, helpful tips for families working to keep the season enjoyable for everyone:

In the coming weeks, our teachers will strive to keep the joy in the holiday season, while also providing reassuring routine to our excited (and excitable!) little learners. I encourage you, as parents, to also slow down and enjoy the magic in your children's eyes.

Wishing you a warm and cozy weekend;