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Benefits of immersion

Being multilingual opens an individual to a world of possibilities that would otherwise be unavailable to our students. Personal, cultural, economic, academic and even foundational developmental advantages are to be had through learning multiple languages. 

Economic and cultural benefits

Employment opportunities broaden greatly with fluency in French, Spanish and English. French and English are the official languages of Canada and the official working languages of the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, OECD, the International Red Cross, the International Olympic Committee, and the 31-member Council of Europe. A survey of 63 large Canadian companies revealed 84 per cent considered bilingualism in English and French an asset, or gave preference to English / French bilinguals. 

No matter what a student’s future, being able to research and read a wealth of resources from other countries in other languages gives our students an advantage in any field. 

In addition to employment, the possibility for cultural connection soars. Over 100 countries name French, English or Spanish as one of their official languages. Calgary French & International School graduates will feel confident speaking the official language in countries on every continent. 

Developmental advantages

In addition to future economic and personal benefits, multilingualism supports development. 

Studies have shown that bilingual children have an increased ability to focus attention on relevant information and develop keen analytic, restructuring, and divergent thinking skills and superior creative abilities. Second language acquisition can even impact us in old age by delaying the onset of dementia.

Post-secondary choice and personal confidence

Completing high school in French immersion keeps post-secondary options open for students. CFIS graduates can apply to study at French, English or Spanish universities globally. Additionally, there are many bursaries and scholarships available at Canadian universities that are specific to French immersion students. 

Students who continue to Grade 12 in French immersion will not only be considered by employers and post-secondary institutions to be fluent in French, their confidence will have grown to a point that they will see themselves as bilingual. 

For those multi-linguals among us, you know the freedom, joy and confidence that comes with speaking fluently in more than one language. Truly, a love of language and global cultural is enough to warrant becoming multi-lingual, but there are so many more reasons for your child to attend an excellent immersion school. 

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