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Head of School's Welcome

Welcome to, the website for Alberta's top French language immersion school, the Calgary French & International School. I hope your visit to this site is informative, and encourage you to reach out to any of our more than 100 employees if you have additional questions about our school community and programs. Emailing will ensure that you are directed to the right administrator, teacher, or staff member.  

CFIS is one of the leading independent schools in Canada. Faculty, staff and administration work together to create a dynamic learning environment for each child, whether in preschool or Grade 12. Our students enjoy vibrant, enriched academic courses, take part in inspired co-curricular programming, and graduate fluent in three languages (French, English, and Spanish). Each student’s unique potential is nurtured within our warm, welcoming community.  

CFIS students’ results on Alberta Education's standardized Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Examinations are well above provincial averages, and usually within the top ten schools in the province. (In Grade 6, this is out of some 800 schools; in Grade 12, it is out of 250 schools.) But CFIS is more than academic excellence. What makes our school unique is how our language and academic programming is enriched. We are dedicated to encouraging each student to reach his or her full, diverse potential through the development of the whole child--intellectually, socially, emotionally, artistically, and physically.  

Academics and the whole child

Strong academics and robust language programming are the foundation of CFIS, and to that end, a wide range of options is offered to encourage students to explore interests in subject areas they may not have previously experienced. Within CFIS’s French immersion learning environment, the curriculum is taught in French, with the exception of English language arts and Spanish as a third language. CFIS students graduate fully bilingual in French and English and with functional fluency in Spanish.

Developing each student’s potential

A key part of CFIS’s mission is to help students reach their individual and academic potential by individualizing learning. Each student has a student learner profile that outlines a plan to support his or her strengths and areas for growth. Additionally, engaged principals, specialized classroom teachers, learning strategists and library staff, create a low student-to-teacher ratio, which ensures CFIS students receive the attention required to thrive.

An international focus

Tomorrow’s world will require today’s young people to be innovative and creative global citizens. As multilingual learners in a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Associated School, CFIS students will be confident in their ability to communicate in a variety of languages, which will help them to make a difference in their world. Each one is encouraged to lead advocacy and humanitarian work related to their studies, in their local community and even globally. Through international connections, including travel studies in higher grades, students are taught to effectively and confidently navigate among different cultures, which affords our graduates an exciting range of future options. 

A foundation for life-long success

CFIS graduates are well-prepared for university, finishing Grade 12 with the courses required to pursue post-secondary studies in any field of their choice. CFIS alumni have moved on to study at both French and English universities throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom in a wide range of disciplines.

I hope you find our website informative and inspiring, and I invite you to tour our school to see firsthand our educational philosophy in action. A French language immersion education is a marvellous gift that you can give your child. Your child deserves CFIS. 



Mme Margaret Dorrance
Head of School