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Dressing like teachers, speakers' panel, and getting outside

Yesterday, I joined one of our kindergarten classes for an outdoor physical education class. We walked the nearby natural area, where the children played a game in the trees, hiding and searching for each other. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, and the children bubbled with joy at being outdoors, exploring the natural world. We are so blessed to live within easy walking distance of this lovely “forest,” where our littlest learners get to play and explore.

Today was “Dress Like a Teacher Day” for our ECE and elementary students, who dove into this theme with great enthusiasm. Based on their style choices, it seems a lot of teachers wear bow ties, long skirts, and tie their hair up in buns! The students have been utterly delighted with themselves all day, and it has been especially touching to see the way many of them are paying tribute to specific, favourite teachers. Many of our teachers have also dressed up like students, which has caused even more hilarity!

On Monday afternoon, Mme Susan Ammeter - our Coordinator of Before and After School Programs -- was part of a speakers’ panel at Bow Valley College’s Early Learning and Childcare Program. Susan spoke about the importance of high quality before and after school (BAS) programs, and what it is like to be in a leadership role in a large program such as ours. I am proud that CFIS has a voice in the larger landscape of children’s programming in our city, and I know that Susan represented us very well!

Did you know…

That playing outside, in nature, is good for children’s cognitive and emotional development, as well as providing physical activity? This link, from Child Mind Institute, shares more reasons why it is so important for children to have lots of opportunity to be outdoors, feeling the wind and exploring the trees, grass, mountains that surround us:

Even with today’s snowfall, please spend some time enjoying some fresh air with your little ones this weekend!