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The Calgary French & International School supports the whole child providing balance between academic pursuits and co-curricular endeavours. As the largest French immersion school in Canada, we are able to provide an array of co-curricular choice to our students within our immersion environment, offering over 80 teams, clubs and options for our students.

Our main co-curriculars include a vibrant athletics program as well as fine and performing arts including music, band, drama, musical productions, and visual arts. 

Students participate in initiatives such as speech and debate as well as the Model UN, seeking opportunities to participate in both French and English. 

Our clubs for students in grades 1 to 6, and our option programs in grades 7-12 give students training and experience in a wide variety of subject matters including robotics, animation, cooking,  photography, journalism and drama. 

Through our work as a UNESCO-candidate school, in all grades opportunity for leadership and global connection abound. Each class in our Elementary Division, for instance, will have a global connection with a culture somewhere in the world, often connected to their curriculum. This might mean sharing Twitter conversations with a French school in New Orleans or an elementary school in Kenya.  

In addition to language skills, our students leave the school familiar with the French, Spanish and other cultures through their options. This might mean celebrating festivals of cultures from around the world, Latin dance classes or Spanish cooking lessons.