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Educational philosophy

At the Calgary French & International School, students’ experiences extend far beyond the language arts. 

Using the Alberta Education Program of Studies as a baseline for learning, we surpass the provincial standard with a diversity of enrichment activities that cultivate enthusiasm for learning and build your child's interests into their curricular and co-curricular experience. 

Beginning with our early childhood programs, academic and co-curricular courses are taught in a French immersion context, complemented by formal English instruction beginning in Grade 3, Spanish classes beginning in Grade 4, and intensive Spanish instruction in the secondary division.  

Academics are varied and supplemented by co-curricular offerings appropriate to students’ ages and interests.  These may include field trips, guest speakers, travel studies, fine arts, technology, philanthropy, athletics, and numerous options, teams and clubs. At every grade level, leadership, international and citizenship initiatives bring learning to life, developing character and a sense of responsibility. 

Outside the classroom experience, students learn from within an immersion environment. This includes dozens of clubs, teams and options taught by our teachers who cultivate their own passions through coaching, producing, directing and mentoring students outside the classroom.

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Teaching Excellence at CFIS

At CFIS, teaching excellence is grounded in relationships and in students’ emotional experience in the classroom. CFIS teachers’ first commitment is to each student’s overall well-being and sense of belonging. The pedagogy reflects current research on how students learn, and teachers intentionally strive to help all students achieve their full potential. CFIS teachers’ practice is purposefully aligned with the school’s mission, vision, and values, and both acknowledge and support students’ unique skills, talents, and areas of development. CFIS teachers are exemplary role models of reflection, critical thinking, and ethical citizenship, who demonstrate their engagement in their profession and with their students through continuous improvement, collaboration, and professional development.