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Our faculty and staff

CFIS has over 120 enthusiastic faculty and staff, with specialist teachers in visual arts, dramatic arts, music and physical education as well as two learning strategists, a guidance counsellor and a school psychologist. 

Through hiring and retaining the best faculty and staff from across the country, we are able to offer an incredibly high quality of French language instruction and administration within our school.

Teachers and students build a relationship of trust that encourages personal best

In addition to an outstanding background in languages and education, our teachers have adequate time to prepare for their classes. This gives them the time to become coaches, mentors, directors, activists, philanthropists and producers of student initiatives outside the classroom, extending our immersion environment and the richness of our programs. 

Professional development is an important part of ensuring our faculty and staff stay current with best practices and advance learning in their classroom through technology, innovation and their own cutting-edge curriculum development. 

Teachers and staff are encouraged to model leadership by pursuing opportunities for conference presentations, action research and publication in professional journals. They are supported with instructional leadership in the areas of curriculum implementation, professional development, learning and teaching resource acquisition, and student assessment.