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Secondary (Grade 7 to 12)

In our Secondary Division, our principal and teachers know each of the 175 students by name. Caring teachers understand adolescent developmental phases and are well prepared to support students to develop their identities, sharpen their meta-cognitive minds, and channel their energies.

CFIS provides an environment that values curiosity, critical thinking, personal initiative, problem-solving and leadership skills. Every student from Grade 7 to 12 is provided with mentoring and guidance from faculty members and our dedicated guidance counsellor.

Our 2013 Spotlight on Secondary edition of the Notre Monde includes content written by alumni and interviews with Secondary Division teachers. 

Interested in our Secondary Division? Email Mme. Marinakos at to tour the school and meet our teachers or click on the titles below to read more.

A curriculum full of choice

While maintaining small class sizes and access to our highly-qualified, enthusiastic faculty, learning choices abound for our junior and senior high students. 

Using the Alberta Education Program of Studies as a baseline for learning, CFIS surpasses the provincial standard through ensuring students have exceptional enrichment activities and a wealth of learning options inside and outside of the classroom. 

In partnership with our faculty, curriculum coordinators oversee each curriculum content and development to ensure a smooth transition between grades. Opportunities to explore individual interests and apply learning to a student’s developing international perspective are key. 

All subjects continue to be taught in a French immersion context, except for our vibrant English language arts program and intensive Spanish program. Students look ahead to eloquence in French and English as well as proficiency in Spanish by Grade 12. 

Dedicated labs and university-grade equipment bring science to life as our junior and senior high students study and experiment in areas such as genetics, robotics and microbiology. 

A strong math program, taught in French, as well as our AP program including courses such as Psychology, Economics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, taught in English, supports students to an easy transition to university and creates a world where numbers in any language are second nature. 

From culinary studies to speech and debate or robotics, students explore a variety of technical, physical and artistic courses through our options block, which changes each quarter. Student surveys determine which new options are added, and student interest has often sparked the creation of several new courses.  For more information, see our co-curricular options page.

Faculty experts who go above and beyond

Teachers in our secondary division have time to prepare their classes, develop enrichment activities and mentor their students. 

Whether it is working with a student who has a learning difference or supporting one who wants to charge ahead in a particular area, faculty and leadership recognize the need of the individual. Specialized learning strategists, our dedicated guidance counselor and our school psychologist assist students in areas of challenge and offer workshops to the parent community on how to support their children to emotional and academic success. 

Maintaining a high level of expertise through professional development is an essential aspect of the CFIS school culture. Just as we do for our students, each year the CFIS leadership team sets strategic learning objectives for our faculty and staff working hard on professional development days to reinvigorate teachers’ enthusiasm and keep their understanding of the science and practice behind leading edge pedagogy fresh and current. 

Teachers and staff model a love of learning by pursuing opportunities for conference presentations, action research and publication in professional journals. They are supported with instructional leadership in the areas of curriculum implementation, professional development, learning and teaching resource acquisition, and student assessment.

Over 80 options, teams and co-curriculars

The Calgary French & International School aims to provide an education that balances success in the classroom with active participation in all aspects of school life—social, cultural and sporting.

A wealth of co-curricular opportunities are offered, most of which are structured and timetabled in sports, options, arts, music, and community service. Within our school we offer over 80 teams, clubs and initiatives to get involved with throughout the year, many with an international theme. 

For more information please see our section on co-curriculars

Incredible travel experiences

Our travel studies program focuses on culture, leadership and global responsibility, providing opportunities for national and international perspective and language acquisition. Students become knowledgeable in world issues and develop leadership skills to become active global citizens as they learn about new cultures, languages, people and environments. Through safe, unique and enriching cultural experiences abroad, we give them the opportunity to become engaged through authentic volunteer work.