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Facility upgrades in support of student learning

This summer, classrooms 212 and 214 were renovated into three flexible classroom spaces. Office space and a small meeting area were also built in what was the under-utilized mezzanine overlooking the elementary gym to accommodate staff who were displaced as a result of the classrooms renovation. Additionally, 3M film was installed onto all main-floor windows. 

Another enhancement is an upgrade to our internal and external speaker system to provide better coverage throughout the school building and grounds. 

In addition, CFIS’s “Energizer bunnies” (members of the facilities team) removed furnishings from classrooms and, alongside employees of CFIS’s custodial contractor cleaned classrooms, hallways and the main entrance to ensure all areas are fresh, bright and clean for the first day of school.

We are transitioning to a new bussing service in partnership with First Student Canada. At this stage I am extremely happy to say that in all cases to date, students utilizing the transportation service will be picked up and dropped off at their doorsteps. Considering CFIS’s wide-ranging catchment area, this is significant news. Response from parents has been overwhelmingly positive, and I hope to see this service go from strength to strength.

These are the highlights that have happened over the summer, in addition to the numerous smaller, less “glamorous” tasks facilities staff members do to ensure CFIS remains a safe and secure school. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer. I look forward to the hustle and bustle of activities as we start a new academic year. I welcome you to pop in, call or email to share an observation or discuss something that concerns you. It is great to have extra eyes to help ensure the overarching safety of students. 

M. Dennis Falconer
Director of Operations.