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Find balance with healthy lunches in the CFIS cafeterias

CFIS continues to provide a lunch option for staff and students that is healthy, well-balanced and contributes to the achievement of our students’ full academic potential and lifelong, healthy living choices. Menu selections are based on Canada’s Food Guide for Healthy Eating.

The Seed and Core cafeterias begin lunch service on Monday, September 11 - one week earlier than in years past. Online ordering begins on Monday, September 4 and is open until Friday, September 8 at 2:30 p.m.

As children are unique in their appetite, activity level and stage of growth, we encourage you to choose the size of meal you and your child feel is most appropriate. This may change once your child has had a chance to try the portion sizes and throughout the year as they grow. 

The Seed cafeteria offers varied entrée sizes based on nutrition needs of children ages five to eight and nine to 13 and The Core cafeteria provides food service to grades 7 through 12, as well as Grade 5 students. The Core will continue to offer medium and large entrée sizes. Medium is usually sufficient for children ages nine to 13 and large for children ages 14 and older.

Cafeteria staff and volunteers enjoy being a part of your child’s day.

Both cafeterias offer two separate monthly menus. Additionally, the Bite concession offers Secondary Division students the option to purchase light lunches, snacks and beverages at the morning break and at lunchtime. The Bite opens on Tuesday, September 5.

Monthly ordering of cafeteria meals is done on CFIS’s secure website. Keep an eye on the school’s calendar and communications around the middle of each month for the following month’s ordering timeline. You can also refer to the ordering schedule in the right column at for when to order. Your attention to each month’s deadline ensures seamless food service for your child.

Our convenient online ordering system is user friendly. It requires you to log in to create your account. Contact if you require access.

A yearly milk program is available for full-day preschool to Grade 6 students, with the option to order monthly. A morning yogurt program is available for kindergarten students only. The Seed Cafeteria offers a birthday program for kindergarten to Grade 6 students and the Core Cafeteria offers a monthly milk program by way of punch-card. Please contact me for more details.

The CFIS cafeteria food program benefits greatly from the assistance of parent volunteers. It’s a wonderful way to meet other parents and your child’s classmates. Students enjoy seeing their parents and relatives in the cafeteria. Whether you’re new to the school or returning, you will be happy you chose to take part in our school cafeteria program. Cafeteria staff and volunteers enjoy being a part of your child’s day. We hope to see you at some point during the school year. Thank you for your continued dedication to the school cafeteria program and have a wonderful school year.

If you have questions or concerns about CFIS’s food service, contact me at