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General school FAQs

When does morning supervision start?

Playground supervision is available for kindergarten to Grade 6 students only beginning at 8:10 a.m. The morning bell rings at 8:25 a.m. and students should be in their classroom ready to start their day at 8:30 a.m.

Are there any tips for drop-off and pick-up times?

Many families drive their children to and from school so our parking lot is a very busy place. Ensure you arrive early. Follow all traffic rules, signage and respect our neighbours’ driveways and private property.

There are designated visitor parking areas along the south end of the parking lot. Do not park in fire lanes, reserved parking, crosswalks and numbered parking, which is reserved for full-time staff members.   

Do I have to walk my child to class?

Parents or designated adults are required to sign preschool and junior kindergarten students in and out each day. For children in kindergarten and up, parents are welcome to walk them to their class and greet them at the end of the day, although typically after Grade 1 parents wait for their children in the foyer, outside, or in their vehicles. 

What if my child is late?

Children in preschool, JK and kindergarten must be signed in and escorted to class. Grade 1 to 6 students can be signed in at the main office and make their own way to class. Secondary students must visit the main office first to sign in, as attendance will have already been taken.  

Email or in advance if you know your child will be late. 

What doors can I enter?

All three entrances are open between 8 and 8:45 a.m., and then locked until 3:15 p.m. At all other times, for security reasons, everyone (adults and students alike) must enter and exit at the main doors and sign in at the main office. 

What if my child is absent?

The CFIS receptionists are responsible for calling parents of students who are not at school. Please email or to report an absence.

What if there is a change to my child’s pick-up routine?

If you change your child’s regular transportation schedule, communicate that with your child’s classroom teacher. Emails and voicemails should be sent well in advance as teachers are not always able to access their phones and computers throughout the day. If there is a change to pick-up routines late in the day, contact the main office. 

What are the options for lunch?

Preschool to kindergarten students eat a lunch brought from home in their classroom. A yearly milk program is available for full-day preschool to Grade 6 students, with the option to order monthly. A morning yogurt program is available for kindergarten students only. The Core Cafeteria offers a monthly milk program by way of punch-card.

Starting in Grade 1, students eat lunch in one of our two cafeterias daily. They may bring a lunch or purchase a meal in advance from the cafeteria. There is also a concession for Grade 7 to 12 students where snacks and drinks can be purchased. 

Are microwaves and hot water available to students?


How do I order from the cafeteria?

The cafeteria provides a menu with hot meal selections for Grade 1 to 12 students. To order meals go to 

Do all families order from the cafeteria?

Some families order exclusively from the hot meal plan, some rarely order hot lunches, and others only order on pizza days or not at all. Do whatever suits you and your family.

Does my child need a snack?

Pack a substantial snack and lunch for your child each day. There is time provided mid-morning and afternoon to eat a snack. Children should bring a bottle of water to school daily. 

How are birthdays celebrated in the classroom?

Due to safety considerations and licensing limitations, preschool and junior kindergarten students are not permitted to share food. Instead, birthdays are celebrated in different ways in each classroom, for example, sometimes a parent will attend to read a story. Starting in kindergarten, various items can be ordered through the cafeteria and delivered to the classroom. Summer birthdays can be celebrated before the year ends or in September. 

How can I volunteer?

Our school has an active volunteer program. Information regarding this program can be found on the website under the link:

There are many opportunities to volunteer on various levels and capacities. Volunteers are vital, so we encourage you to read the information online and get involved. A valid Police Information Check is required prior to volunteering. Information on how to complete this can also be found via the link above.

Who do I contact with a question or a concern?

Your child’s homeroom teacher or advisor is always the best person to contact first with any questions or concerns you may have. If they cannot address the question, they will respond with the best person to be in touch with. Our faculty and staff directory can be found at :