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Halloween fun, Stampede School, and Language-Switching

While Halloween always adds a little extra chaos to the school day, there is no denying that the children’s excitement was contagious. Their smiles and cries of “Guess what I am?!” brought so much joy to our classrooms and hallways. I was also able to attend part of the costume parade for our elementary students, where each grade 1-6 class got a few minutes to dance onstage to a favourite song, and the elementary teachers put on a flash mob to “Thriller.” It was a day full of fun and community!

On Monday, our kindergarten classes each participated in a special yoga workshop with a guest teacher. In addition to being good exercise for little bodies, this age-appropriate class also introduced children to the idea of paying attention to their breath, and using gentle movement to help manage their own emotional state.
All week, one of our Grade 4 classes has attended “Stampede School,” where, each day, they travel to the Calgary Stampede Grounds to participate in hands-on, interdisciplinary learning projects. In alignment with their social studies curriculum, the activities have focused on Alberta history and the First Nations communities. Experiences like this help bring the past to life and encourage responsible stewardship of our province’s history. The students have also had a lot of fun! Each of our grade 4 classes will get to enjoy this program over the course of this school year.

Did you know…

That, just recently, scientists have been able to identify the precise brain mechanism that is involved in switching from one language to another? It turns out that it takes greater effort to “turn off” one language than it does to activate the other language. Findings like this help increase our understanding of the many advantages of French immersion education, and why young brains benefit from early exposure to more than one language. You can read more of the details of this discovery here:   

I wish you a warm and cozy weekend, as winter slowly creeps back into our city.

Warm wishes;