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Bus Service

Bus Service

We are pleased to provide city-wide bus service for CFIS families, transporting students to and from school each day. We commit to ongoing review of this service, and ensure we continue to provide safe, high quality service to our CFIS families. First Student Canada
is the contractor we have engaged to provide transportation to and from school when classes are in session.

In order to keep all our students safe, we use collector pick-up and drop-off points. Door to door service is not available.

The collector pick-up and drop-off locations are set annually in the spring, based upon the bus requests submitted by newly enrolled and re-enrolled families. For distance of collection points/stops from students’ homes, we strive to achieve:
- Senior & Junior High students: one kilometre maximum
- Elementary students: 0.5 kilometres maximum
- ECE students: we require that a responsible person will bring them to and collect them from the bus stop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If families new to CFIS are interested in bus service, what should they do?
During your exploration and admissions process, be sure to inform our enrolment team about your interest in CFIS’s bus service.

What areas of the city are covered in CFIS bus service?
We strive to service all areas of the city of Calgary. We strive for a timely service for our families. To decrease travel time and increase efficiency, CFIS may, each year, set boundaries where bus service will not be available. Parents living outside the determined  boundaries will be expected to bring their child(ren) to a collector pick-up and drop-off point.

What if my child wants to use the bus service occasionally?
Should this service be required, on a strictly ad hoc basis, please email to inquire if this can be accommodated.

What are the busing rates?*
Please visit for current rates, which can be found in our fee schedule document.
*Fees are subject to change

Timelines for CFIS Bus Service:

May(of current academic year, in planning for the upcoming academic year)
Deadline for current and new families to submit bus service requests for the upcoming school year.
Mid-August (just ahead of the upcoming academic year)
Routes and congregated drop-off/pick-up points with estimated arrival times will be shared with all parents who have submitted bus service requests.
October 1st
Deadline to withdraw from bus service without further financial obligation for the full year.

Further details about bus service can be found here. If you have any questions, please email