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Bus Service

Bus Service

CFIS utilizes the services of First Student Canada to provide student transportation to and from the school on days when classes are in session. Student safety is always our overarching focus. 

The CFIS bus service is being reviewed over the coming weeks to determine the most suitable model that serves the needs of the families that utilize the service. The congregated-stop model will continue to be refined in the interests of continuous improvement, student safety and service efficiency. Congregated stops see a number of students from multiple households gathering at one pre-defined, mutually accessible stop to take the bus to CFIS. The buses will wait at each congregated stop for a predetermined period of time, when picking up and dropping off students. Congregated stops will allow for greater parent certainty of bus arrival and departure times. 

It is likely that these congregated stops may be beyond walking distance, especially for our younger students, for those students who live outside of the main CFIS catchment area. If that is the case, families will be expected to arrange transportation to and from the congregated stops. Factors that will be considered in the determination of congregated stop locations include student safety, availability of parking for parent vehicles, and ease of bus access.

 Key Deadlines for the 2021-22 CFIS Bus Service:

May 1, 2021 -Deadline for current and new families to submit bus service requests for the 2021-2022 school year. 

August 16, 2021 – Routes and congregated drop-off/pick-up points with estimated arrival times will be shared with all parents who have submitted bus service requests. 

September 30, 2021 – Deadline to withdraw from bus service without further financial obligation for the full year.

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