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Bus Service

CFIS is pleased to provide a centralized busing service for our families, safely transporting students to and from school each day. In collaboration with our busing service provider, our joint commitment to you ensures ongoing reviews of our busing service in order to continue providing a safe, high quality service for CFIS families. 

The CFIS busing service provides strategically placed bus stops along routes in many communities to ensure CFIS families are provided with an affordable and sustainable service. These locations are set annually, based on busing service requests submitted by parents in the spring. 

CFIS busing service costs are based on operational requirements, in line with inflation and subject to change. Routes are set according to the postal codes received through the busing service request forms. 

While we try to include every applicant, total bus route times have been limited to approximately one hour. Unfortunately, CFIS busing is not able to service families that reside over 10 kilometers from the nearest collection point. Door-to-door service is also not available.

In planning bus routes, CFIS endeavours to set bus stop collection and drop-off points no greater than 2 kilometers from the applicant’s family home, however this is not always attainable in unique circumstances. For ECE students, we require that a responsible person will bring them to, and collect them from, the bus stop. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are bus service fees determined? 

CFIS strives to keep its bus service fees as low as possible for our families. A few years ago, we moved from our own bus fleet to a third party to reduce costs. 

Are field trip transportation fees subsidized by the regular bus services? 

Morning and afternoon bus service fees do not subsidize the costs of chartered transportation for field trips. 

If families new to CFIS are interested in bus service, what should they do?

During the admissions process, be sure to inform our enrolment team about your interest in CFIS’s bus service. Parents who apply after the bus service registration deadline of April 1st can select from one of the predetermined group collection or drop-off locations.

What areas of the city are covered in CFIS bus service?

We strive to operate a timely service to most areas of the city of Calgary. To decrease travel time and increase efficiency, CFIS may, each year, set boundaries where bus service will not be available. Parents living outside the determined boundaries will be expected to transport their child(ren) to a common pick-up and drop-off point.

What if my child wants to use the bus service occasionally? 

CFIS busing service is unable to accommodate occasional/ad-hoc requests. Families with multiple addresses are expected to utilize this service as offered.  

What is the deadline for registering for bus service? 

The annual deadline for registering for bus service is generally prior to April 1st for the upcoming school year. 

What if my bus service needs to change after the registration deadline? 

Parents that have applied for the busing service have until October 1st of the school year to withdraw from the bus service without penalty. After that date, no pro-rating of the annual cost of the service will occur. 

What are the busing rates?

Please visit for current rates in the tuition fee schedule document. Busing fees are subject to change without notice during the school year and are based on operational costs in line with inflation.

Timelines for CFIS Bus Service: 

April 1st (of current academic year, in planning for the upcoming academic year): Deadline for returning and new families to submit bus service requests for the upcoming school year.

August 15th (just prior to the upcoming academic year): Routes and congregated drop-off/pick-up points with estimated arrival times will be shared with all parents who have submitted bus service requests.

October 1st: Deadline to withdraw from bus service without further financial obligation for the current school year.


Further details about the CFIS bus service can be found here. Questions can be directed to our team by emailing

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