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Co-Curricular Activities

CFIS develops today's students for tomorrow's world through a balanced exposure to experiences such as sports, clubs, drama, art, and music. We foster well rounded, versatile graduates who have not only knowledge but talent, skill, confidence, and empathy.

The Arts – music, drama, and visual arts

CFIS musical education begins in preschool with a focus on language and learning music through song, rhythm patterns, instruments, and body movement. Benefits of the ECE music program include the development of listening skills, gross- and fine-motor skills, social interaction, and confidence leading to life-long involvement in music as listener, performer, and creator. From preschool through Grade 6 we progress from non-pitched percussions (such as sticks and shakers) to pitched instruments such as the xylophone to the recorder. By Grade 5, students are mastering the fundamentals of music notation and participating in a full orchestra of instruments that bring together the diversity and joy of solo and group performances in both entertainment and competition venues. Opportunities to play in the jazz combo and concert band continue through our Secondary programming.

CFIS foster public speaking skills, confidence and nurture interpersonal connections through participation in drama and theatre. Leaders emerge as students step forward on stage and backstage, demonstrating their talent, eloquence, determination, and passion for the performing arts. Spring musicals occur annually and some past productions have included "Newsies," "The Little Mermaid," "Spamalot," "Mary Poppins," "The Adams Family," and "Legally Blonde."

CFIS students from preschool onward are immersed in a well-rounded and rich art experience to develop technical skills in many mediums. From Georgia O'Keefe to Eric Carle, CFIS students delve into the life and artwork of traditional and contemporary artists. Specialist art teachers work with students from preschool through Grade 12 to understand styles, materials, media, colour, technique, and art history. Teachers place emphasis on incorporating art into other academic skills, such as research and creativity, and on drawing from student interests in class projects, such as the evolution of animation. Offerings across the divisions span to creative studies, scenic design, photography, stop motion animation, design and innovation, and a full offering of high school 30-level art courses. Student art proudly displayed throughout the school contributes to the aesthetic and student focused culture at CFIS. Our annual Evening of the Arts showcases our student talents and brings our community together.


To foster essential skills for lifelong success, CFIS students participate in team and individualized sport fostering personal self-care, integrity, diligence, and teamwork. The elementary physical education program strives to enable children to live healthy lives for their entire lifetime based on four general outcomes: activity, health benefits, co-operation and teamwork, and life-long application.

Secondary physical education programming expands utilizing our gyms, school fields, local running trails, and off campus experiences, as well as introducing a robust after-school sports program. School activities include curling, wall climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. CFIS is a member of the Calgary Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA) and competes in seven sport seasons with other schools.

Options and clubs

Elementary division clubs enhance the student experience and are incorporated into the school day during lunch for elementary students. Options are special activities that are built into the weekly schedule and may rotate during the year or be year-round. 

Options in our Secondary division are designed to augment core courses and explore new subject areas. Students select six options each year in addition to their core academic and required courses. Additionally, all CFIS students take speech, debate, and Model UN in Grades 7, 8, and 9 respectively. Students may also compete in dozens of extra-curricular teams and participate in programs such as the school's musical and travel study opportunities.

Click here to view the full list of extra-curricular activities and options offered to our students.