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Magic books, grade 2 recess, and afterschool "grumpies"

Message from Mme. MurrayThis week, I have visited nearly every preschool, JK, and kindergarten classroom to read a “magic” book with the children. The purpose of these visits was to help the children know who I am, and to share my own great love of books with them. The book we read was “Tap The Magic Tree,” by Christie Matheson, and the children helped me create the magic needed to bring on a complete cycle of seasonal changes as we turned the pages. Christie Matheson has written a number of interactive picture books that are perfect for little ones aged 3-6; I intend to add more of her books to my own library, and return to the classrooms for more magic soon!

Today, we hosted a professional photographer to take photos that will be used in school publications throughout the year. I accompanied her to 4 different early childhood classrooms, and to our gym space. As we watched the children play, learn, and work together, I was amazed at how settled and confident they were, so early in the year.

Our grade 2 students use the outside doors next to my office to go out to recess. This afternoon, when they came enthusiastically down, they were slightly ahead of the recess supervisor. As soon as they identified that there was no adult outside yet, they stopped at the door, thought about the situation, and came to ask for my help. I waited with them for a few moments until the recess supervisor arrived, and I was so proud of their self-restraint and critical thinking skills. It was such a small moment, but it reinforced to me that our students value their own safety as well as our efforts to keep them safe while in our care.

Did you know…

That it is extraordinarily normal for little ones to be out of sorts (and even downright grumpy) by the end of the school day? Many children seem to dissolve into tears at pick-up time, even at the end of a wonderful day. It is hard work to focus, cooperate, remember routines, share space and materials all day long. This article provides some insight into this phenomenon (which is known as “After School Restraint Collapse), and shares some strategies around how to manage it:

I hope that this Friday evening is meltdown-free for all of you and your kiddos. Please enjoy a warm and cozy weekend!