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Message from Elementary: Student Services

Student Services at CFISDid you know that routines are an essential part of student learning and success?

As teachers have been creating and monitoring new routines for their students, parents can do the same. For some students (and most certainly, adults too) transitions can be stressful. Stress can prevent students from learning or enjoying their learning environment.

Routines are one way to ease the transition back to school. Here are a few ways to establish routines:

  • Include talking about the day’s sequence of events in the mornings. Talk to your child’s teacher if you want to know more about what this looks like.
  • Homework: create a calm and quiet place for your child to complete their homework. It is recommended not to be in the bedroom. Their brains need to connect their room as a place to sleep. If there is nothing assigned, remember the importance of nightly reading. Read with them or next to them (model the behaviour of reading)
  • Before bed, discuss the morning. Make decisions such as what they will eat for breakfast, is it vestichoix, what are they looking forward to tomorrow?