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A Minute With Mme Amy: Summer fun, the value of boredom, and deepest gratitude

As I sat down to start this week’s message, I found myself oddly emotional. This is the first year that I have sent a weekly email to all ECE families, and I did not anticipate what an important ritual it would become to close my office door for a little while every Friday, to reflect on my week and communicate with all of you. It is my sincere hope that these weekly notes have been helpful and positive for you, as well.

With only a few hours left in the school year, it seems odd to try to select highlights from a year so full of bright moments and strong connections. Instead, I want to thank you, from the bottom of my grateful heart, for sharing your children with us every day. The recent events in the U.S. have made me really contemplate the significance of parents trusting us - teachers, assistant teachers, administrators - with your children’s hearts and minds, for a significant part of each day. It is an honour and a responsibility that I take very seriously.

I wish, for each of you, a summer full of magic and laughter and sparkling memories. To that end, I had planned to compose a “summer-to-do-list” for you, but then I stumbled across this one, which is more complete than anything I can come up with on my own:

And, if once in a while, you hear the perennial “I’m bored!” from your kiddos, there is some value in boredom, too:

I am already looking forward to seeing you and your children on the first day of school. Please take good care of them over the summer; I know they will return to us a little taller, a little stronger, but with the same shining smiles. Have great adventures!

Warmest wishes and deepest gratitude;