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A Minute With Mme Amy: The view from the first floor (highlights from my week)

Calgary French & International School celebrates Spirit DayWednesday was “Animal Day” for all elementary students, and they came to school dressed accordingly! It was such a treat to see the creativity that went into the children’s outfits, and they were so proud to explain their facepaint, costumes, masks, and accessories. These events also remind me that even our “big kids” in grades 5 and 6 still enjoy the magic of dress up!

Our grade one students have reached the magical point in their school year where they almost “forget” how to speak English to teachers. Early this week, one small boy was trying to explain a problem to me, and he persisted in French even after I gave him permission to explain it in English if it was easier. It is exciting when students’ brains seem to flip automatically to French as soon as they walk through our school doors.

Our kindergarten classes have begun occasionally hosting visitors: children who are applying to attend CFIS next year. When I accompanied one of these little applicants to her host classroom this week, she was a little apprehensive about joining a group of children she didn’t know. When we arrived at the door, she was immediately greeted by one of our students, who saw her teary eyes, promptly wrapped her arm around the little visitor, and said “Don’t worry, we will be nice to you, and everyone at this school always helps each other.”

Did you know…
That even once they are competent independent readers, children benefit from being read to by parents and teachers? There are so many reasons to continue to enjoy reading together, well into the teen years, and this article includes links to chapter books that make great read-alouds for very young children:

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