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A Minute with Mme Amy - The View from the First Floor (highlights from my week):

A view from the first floor a minute with Amy MurrayOn Wednesday morning, I attended Mme Dorrance’s parent engagement session, around the topics of academic excellence and whole child development. There was excellent and extremely positive discussion around the things parents most appreciate about their child’s CFIS experience, as well as constructive and thoughtful suggestions of things we could add to these aspects of our mission. I was grateful to see how thoughtful and reflective our parent community is. Huge thanks to all of you who made the time to be there. These engagement sessions will continue to occur at regular intervals; I encourage you to make time to attend at least one of them.

On Tuesday and Friday mornings, we hosted groups of prospective preschool students and parents for next year. It was a pleasure to spend time with these little ones, many of whom were siblings of current students, and who have thus been coming into our school building since infancy. Seeing them in action was quite a reminder of how quickly children develop from babies to toddlers to school-aged children!

Our grade 3 students have been working hard to improve their instrumental skills since receiving their recorders early this year. Mme Jaycock generously offers time to work with them after school, and she always has a line up of enthusiastic musicians eager to demonstrate their progress. I often hear them coaching each other as they wait for their turn in the music room, and am touched by both their kindness to one another and their dedication to mastering their instruments.

Did you know…
That respect, kindness, and empathy are skills that can be taught? This article shares specific things parents can do to encourage these traits in children, and provides some useful perspective on the “long haul” of parenting. The author cited, Dr. Michael Thompson, has also written several excellent books about children and parenting. I particularly recommend Raising Cain: The Emotional Life of Boys, for those of you raising boys.

Please stay safe and warm on this snowy weekend.

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Director of Early Childhood Education
Calgary French & International School
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