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A Minute With Mme Amy: The view from the first floor (highlights from my week)

A view from the first floor a minute with Amy MurrayAs some of you know, I keep a stash of extra mittens in my office, and grade one students often drop by to borrow a pair. Today, 2 little boys popped in, and one of them grabbed a pair of magenta fleece gloves from the pile. His classmate asked: “Do you think those are girls’ gloves?” and the response made my whole heart smile: “There’s no such thing as girls’ gloves or boys’ gloves. We ALL have hands!” It was perfect, matter-of fact, and true answer to his friend’s question!

It is once again report card season, and I have been reading over teachers’ comments. While it is a big job, it is so gratifying to read about each child’s progress, and to see how carefully our teachers observe each student, recognising even small successes like zipping a coat independently, or starting the school day tear-free. When report cards go home next week, I hope you will all be as please as I am to read about your little one’s growth over the course of the second term.

This morning, we hosted a group of education students from the University of Calgary. They visited our preschool, JK, and kindergarten classrooms, and then I met with them for a debrief at the end. Their comments were overwhelmingly positive, and they were particularly impressed at how our division has a clear and unified approach to early education, with a logical progression from preschool to JK to kindergarten. Over the last several years, our team of ECE teachers has worked hard to create a cohesive and well-articulated 3-year program, and it was gratifying to hear that these efforts are evident even to one-day visitors.

Did you know…

That new research shows that hugging your kids is good for their brain development as well as their social-emotional growth? While the study described here: focuses mostly on infants, it makes sense to me that children of all ages benefit from loving affection from parents and caregivers.

On that note: please start your weekend by hugging your children extra hard, and then go out and enjoy the sunshine!

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