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A Minute With Mme Amy: The view from the first floor (highlights from my week)

A minute with Amy Murray Calgary French & International SchoolWhile it is not directly connected to CFIS, I am still reflecting on my own participation in the San Francisco March for Our Lives, at the beginning of spring break. It was a tremendously powerful event, and the young people who organized the whole thing were nothing short of remarkable.

The speakers’ lineup featured a pair of 11-year old twin sisters, who stood on stage and spoke confidently to a crowd of tens (maybe hundreds?) of thousands of people. It made me think of our CFIS students, and how I truly believe we are preparing them for similar levels of leadership and civic engagement.

I have spent time with the Elementary Leadership team this week, as we begin planning and dreaming for next year. The theme of many conversations has been how do we provide more opportunities for our teachers to grow and challenge themselves as professionals; it is truly a gift to be part of an educational community where so many teachers want to do more to serve their students, school, and profession.

I was in one of our kindergarten classes this morning, where the students were learning a song that was shared by their penpals in France. In addition to building connections to far away peers, the students were also counting syllables in words, and identifying all the rhyming words they could hear. What’s more, they were having so much fun that I don’t even think they knew they were building critical pre-literacy skills!

Did you know…

That Canada has issued new 24-Hour  Movement Guidelines for babies and young children? These guidelines provide recommendations not only for physical activity, but also for quantity and quality of sedentary activity, sleep, and screen time. You can watch a short video, describing the guidelines, here:​.

Please stay warm on what I dearly hope will be the last wintry weekend in Calgary this year!


Amy Murray, B.Ed., M.S.

Director of Early Childhood Education

Calgary French & International School

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