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Moana inspired community: The view from the first floor with Mme Amy


CFIS band playing the Moana soundtrackThis week, we have hosted a group of 10 practicum students from the University of Calgary. Seeing our school through the eyes of new educators always provides a valuable reminder of how fortunate I am to have found a professional home at CFIS.

The university students have gushed about how well supported our young learners are, and how warm their welcome has been. We look forward to receiving their applications for teaching positions in a few years!

Our junior high band has been learning to play the song "How Far I'll Go," from the Disney movie Moana. Early this week, they were playing as our Grade 1 students went out to afternoon recess, and I suddenly heard tiny voices singing along. I looked out of my office to find a group of grade one girls clustered around the door to the band room, singing every word as the "big kids" played. It was a charming and touching reminder of the value of a preschool-Grade 12 school community. I encourage you to come see our "big kids" in their band concerts in December!

This morning, one of our kindergarten classes got a special surprise: their classroom assistant teacher brought in her nine-week old labradoodle puppy (Eddie) for a visit! The children asked thoughtful, articulate questions about Eddie (in French), and were fascinated to learn about where he sleeps, what he eats, and how he likes to play. You can see a few photos of Eddie’s visit on Instagram at


Did you know…

That the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has a research lab called “Lifelong Kindergarten?” It is dedicated to engaging learners of all ages in the cycle of creating, building, playing, sharing, and reflecting that is most often seen in kindergarten classrooms. I am so pleased that higher education is looking to early childhood as a model for best practices! This article from NPR shares more information:

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