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More concerts, after-school holiday play, and supporting little introverts

This week, I have attended four more holiday concerts, these ones for kindergarten, Grade 1, Grades 2 - 4, and Grades 5 - 6. This brings my grand total up to 10 concerts in 6 school days! While this makes for undeniably busy days, it brings me so much joy to see our students progress from whispering 3 year olds to confident 6th graders playing their instruments.

Yesterday, the Grade 3 students who attend our after-school program performed an original holiday play for the younger students in the program. They wrote the script, performed all the roles, and created their own costumes. I was utterly delighted at their initiative, leadership, and confidence, and so pleased that one of the Grade 3 students made a special point of inviting me to the show!

Today, I received the wonderful news that Mme Nancy (Coordinator of Licensing and Accreditation) and Mme Susan (Coordinator of Before- and After-school Programs) have been accepted to present a workshop at the A.E.C.E.A. (Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta) conference this spring. Their session will share the program planning and documentation model that is in place in our preschool and JK programs, focusing on using child observation to support each student’s individual progress and success. I am so proud that they will be representing CFIS at this important professional event!

Did you know…

That being introverted is not quite the same as being “shy,” and that there are specific things that parents and educators can do to support and honour the strengths of introverted children? As the busy holiday season approaches, the following links may help you better understand the tendencies and needs of introverted kiddos. (Both of these sites have excellent resources for introverted adults and children, as well as for extroverts who may struggle to understand them!)

What are Introverts Like as Children? 7 Characteristics:

For Extroverts: 15 Ways to be a Better Parent to Your Introverted Kid:

As always, I wish you a happy, sunny weekend;