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Snowstorm, Gratitude, and Cyber Safety Month

While Tuesday’s snowstorm undeniably added significant chaos to our day, it also brought out the best in our staff team. With many team members (including myself) absent due to the road conditions, those who were on-site showed amazing flexibility, professionalism, and collaboration while Mmes Nancy and Susan adapted schedules and juggled communication. I was in constant contact with Nancy, Susan, and members of the school leadership team throughout the day, and everyone commented on the overall good humour of our staff team. I am so blessed to work among such caring educators every day!

On Wednesday evening, we hosted an information session for parents of kindergarten - grade two students, focusing on early academics. Along with my colleagues Mme Camirand (principal of elementary) and  Mme Schile (assistant principal of elementary - academics), we provided a short presentation to all parents, outlining our approach to literacy and numeracy in the early years. From there, parents attended breakout sessions, led by teachers, about everything from math games to sight words. The evening was tremendously well attended, and it was a pleasure to see our teachers demonstrating their expertise. I am now considering offering a similar evening, just for ECE parents, to talk about pre-academics in French immersion. Please watch the calendar for details.

Did you know…

That there are specific things you can do to encourage an “attitude of gratitude” in young children? This week, many of our classrooms have touched on themes relating to gratitude and Thanksgiving. The articles linked below provide suggestions for parents, as well:

How to Raise Grateful Kids in an Era of Thankless People (TIME Magazine): This article also mentions a book called How To Raise Kind Kids, by Thomas Lickona, and I have just added it to my own reading list!
5 Ways to Raise a Grateful Child (

I also wanted to share the following note from Mme Carter, our Director of Educational Technology:

October is Cyber Safety Month at CFIS! We will be providing an excellent opportunity to enrich our students and their families with important information to support the safety of children online. We are excited for the return of guest speaker, Paul Davis, who previously addressed our school community concerning the themes of digital citizenship, social media, and the perils and responsibilities of growing up in a digital world. Students Grade 3 through 12 will again participate in his informative presentation, while parents will be invited to attend a parent session on October 18th starting at 7:00pm in the SEED Cafeteria. To attend this evening session, please confirm your attendance by filling out this RSVP form here:

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your children with us every day. I wish you a Thanksgiving weekend full of family time, happy memories, and hopefully lots of sunshine.