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Spanish, Student Teachers, and Student-Led Conferences

Earlier this week, I stopped by a grade 4 Spanish class to visit some former ECE students. Senor Andres Barilla-Costa, our elementary Spanish teacher, had his guitar out and was leading a song. The students were spellbound! Some of them were accompanying him on drums, and they were reading new vocabulary as they sang along. It was so nice to see them so deeply engaged in the beginning stages of their third language at CFIS!

This week, we have hosted a group  of student-teachers from the University of Calgary’s Werklund School of Education. For many of them, this was their first experience with the reality of working in a school setting, and they have made the most of every opportunity. I have been especially gratified that at least one of them who had previously thought themselves headed for careers in higher grade levels are now considering a path in early childhood education, thanks to their experiences in our ECE classrooms.

Did you know…

That the first big leadership experience for many CFIS students is when they participate in their first student-led conference? Student-led conferences (SLCs) have been a growing movement in education for the last several years, and they provide even the very youngest students with the opportunity to take ownership of their school experiences. This blog post, by a principal in Georgia, describes the advantages of this model for primary students. While the exact format and content are a little different at CFIS, the underlying values, and advantages to students hold equally true for us:

Our first student-led conferences will take place next week; the e-mail with sign-up instructions will be sent out around 4:30 pm today.

Have a great weekend!