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Student-led conferences and the influence of music on academics: A minute with Mme. Amy

Preschool students attend art class with a certified specialist teacher at the Calgary French & International SchoolThanks to all of you who made the time to attend our student-led conferences this week. It means so much to your children to be able to lead you through their classroom routines and demonstrate their own learning. I hope you found the time together both enlightening and insightful.

Our social-emotional learning strategist, Mme Heather Hovdebo, is leading a kindness initiative including all students in preschool - Grade 6. Students are documenting their acts of kindness on handprint cut-outs, which then become the leaves of the kindness tree that is on display in our entryway. In just a short time, the tree is blooming with hundreds of leaves in many colours. It is a blessing to see our students’ enthusiasm for this initiative, and to know they are making a deliberate effort to find ways to be kind to one another.

On Tuesday morning, we hosted about 30 new prospective families who are interested in enrolling their children at CFIS. The highlight of the morning was our Grade 6 ambassadors, who toured the families through our school, sharing their own experiences and enthusiasm for CFIS. We could not ask for better spokespeople; these students are truly the embodiment of the CFIS mission and vision!

Students in music class in the Calgary French & International SchoolDid you know…
That recent research has established a clear link between the ability to keep a musical beat, and reading ability? While the research is quite new, it underlines the importance of music as a component of a well-rounded education, and as a contributor to overall academic competency. You can read more about the study here: CFIS is proud to offer high-quality music instruction to all of our students, from preschool onwards. While musical instruction absolutely holds value in its own right, it is gratifying to know that our program also supports important literacy abilities.

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Amy Murray, B.Ed., M.S.
Director of Early Childhood Education
Calgary French & International School