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Subscribe to your new iCal feeds

The CFIS online calendar is the main source of information about daily activities at the school. All families are encouraged to subscribe to iCal feeds for their children’s grades on their home computer and mobile device. 

We encourage all parents to subscribe to a customized CFIS iCal feed on their phone and home computer.

CFIS calendar feeds are grade-specific from preschool to Grade 12, with separate feeds by gender for athletics up to senior high that allow parents to turn practices and games on and off depending on whether their child is on a team that season.

Subscription instructions vary based on your device. Be sure to set the calendar refresh time to five minutes and turn your alerts on, if given the option. Follow the steps to the right to download the iCal feeds, and search online to get instructions for your particular phone or operating system.

iCal feeds can be deleted and subscribed to again, if you make a mistake. Please look for instructions on the Internet specific to your device on how to do so.
There is an online print option for the calendar. However,  the online calendar may be updated during the month and you may miss changes to times or event cancellations or additions, if you rely on a printed version. 

Email if you are having difficulties with your online calendar. Thank you!