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You can donate to the CFIS Annual Fund using the form below! You can direct funds into four areas of support — the Head's Initiative, Mission Impact, Bridging Bursaries, and the Round Square Travel Studies Bursary. 

One time donors will receive a tax receipt within 30 days. For recurring monthly donations, charitable tax receipts will be issued at year end. 

Head's Initiatives

Head’s Initiatives donations support and advance student learning and well-being, as well as faculty and staff professional growth and well-being. In addition to staff well-being initiatives, the Head’s 2022-23 priorities are focused on healthy community — investments in student health, well-being and participation in active pursuits:

  • outdoor play area enhancements for ECE students
  • playground equipment for Elementary students
  • indoor student social spaces for Secondary students
  • mini bus for field trips, team sports and participation in community events

Mission Impact 

Mission Impact donations directly impact students and are allocated to areas that increase their academic and learning experiences. Donor contributions can be directed to:

  • Fine and Performing Arts
  • Athletics
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
  • International Opportunities
  • Environmental Initiatives

Bridging Bursaries

Bridging Bursaries support current CFIS families with students entering Kindergarten to Grade 12. Donations to Bridging Bursaries supports mission-appropriate families in staying at CFIS, despite facing temporary financial difficulties.

Round Square Travel Studies Bursaries

Round Square Travel Studies Bursaries were created through the generous donation of a CFIS family in 2022, this bursary assists students to participate in Round Square activities, regardless of financial obstacles families may face. Five bursaries are awarded annually to support student participation in Round Square conferences and trips.

Donate Now

Your donations, of meaningful and important amounts to you, are tax deductible. Through the donation form below, you may contribute a one-time gift, or monthly donation. Please consider becoming a leadership donor with a gift of $100/month or $1,200 throughout the school year. Your gift will be gratefully received and funds allocated as requested.