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Je suis CFIS, together creating a community of engaged global leaders. 

The generous financial support of current and former CFIS families and alumni allows CFIS to offer leading-edge programming, provide creative and innovative learning spaces, and expand the school’s footprint for current and future generations.

Every dollar donated goes directly toward our mission and can be designated to the area of highest need as an undesignated fund or directed to one of three funds. The CFIS community focuses on Enhancement (capital projects), Experience (student initiatives) or Empowerment (student bursaries) to enrich the educational process for all students and allow our school to grow and flourish. 

For more information about giving a charitable gift through cash, gift of securities, workplace giving or sponsorship, please contact Allie Acker, Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations at Thank you for your support of our students and community. Online donations are gratefully accepted using the form below.

Please click the images below to learn about the generosity of spirit in the CFIS community in our most recent Reports to Community.