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Getting Involved


Learn about all volunteer opportunities in our 2023-24 Guide to Giving & Getting Involved.

As an integral part of the CFIS community, volunteers assist and support our staff and faculty in providing quality educational experiences and co-educational programs. We thank you for your time and interest.

Each year, CFIS parents and family members contribute hundreds of hours to support student learning and well-being. We encourage you to participate in our school community to whatever degree you choose, and we thank you for considering how you can best contribute to building our vibrant school community.


You can volunteer by contributing your talents, time and interests for an hour, a day or the full school year — whatever fits your schedule. Contact our Rishma Mawani at with questions about volunteering at CFIS.


Police Information Checks

All adults interested in volunteering at CFIS must have a valid Police Information Check (PIC), without exception. 

  1. Acquire a Police Information Check 4-6 weeks prior to volunteering - all new parents and returning parents (every three years)

  2. Obtain a payment voucher and Volunteer Verification Letter by emailing your full legal name (as it appears on your ID) to

  3. Apply online on the Calgary Police Service (CPS) website at

If you live outside of Calgary, contact for instructions on PIC requests through your local RCMP detachment.

CFIS Parent Volunteer Testimonials 

"Being a CFIS volunteer allows you a birds-eye view of everything that makes our school special, the dedicated staff and the cheerful learning environment. Whether you give a morning to join a field trip or commit hundreds of hours to majors projects or board positions, it is the giving of this time which builds our strong commit."

"Volunteering at CFIS has been an incredibly gratifying way to spend time with my girls (either in the classroom or on field trips), while meaningfully contributing to the school. Volunteering has fostered a strong sense of connection with the wider CFIS community (students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff). In fact, some of my closest friendships have blossomed from time I’ve spent with CFIS."

"I look forward to volunteering because it brings such happiness to my kids. Not only do I get to see the joy in my children’s faces when they see me in their hall or classroom, but as well as in the faces of their friends! Seeing familiar faces brings reassurance and comfort and I am honoured to be part of it." 

"I began volunteering at CFIS the year my son started preschool. It is our family's belief to contribute to organizations and our professions as volunteers."