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In order for CFIS to have a broad catchment area of students from all areas of the city, we have entered into a contract with First Student Canada to provide bussing to and from CFIS. 

We currently provide seven morning and six afternoon routes serving various communities in and around Calgary*, including Cochrane, Airdrie and Okotoks. We are continually assessing the potential of providing service to additional communities.

Because of the increasing popularity of the bussing program, an adjustment has been made to the bussing model for the 2019-20 school year, in order to keep travel times for each bussed student to under one hour, while ensuring safe and timely arrival to school. In order to achieve this, starting in September 2019, students will be picked up in the morning at group collection points.

We will continue to drop off each child at his or her home in the afternoons.

*Including but not limited to Rocky Ridge, Scenic Acres, Garrison Woods, Marda Loop, Lakeview, Willow Park, and MacKenzie Lake.



What enhancements have been made to the program for 2019-20?

Students will arrive at school prior to the morning bell each time. Group collection points provide more consistent reliability with regard to arrival times and ride times.

Why the change?

The change is occurring in order to meet our commitment of students being on the bus for one hour or less. The current model has not been able to meet this important standard.

How are bussing fees determined?

CFIS strives to keep its bussing fees as low as possible for our families. The transition from our own bussing fleet to a third party has resulted in a number of changes and has necessitated an adjustment to the fees. The new fees continue to be lower than those of our comparator schools.

Morning and afternoon bussing fees do not subsidize the cost of transportation for field trips.

What is the deadline for registering for bussing for 2019-20?

The deadline for registering for bussing is Wednesday, May 1, 2019. 

What if my bussing needs change after the deadline for registering for bussing?

Parents have until October 1 of the coming school year to withdraw from the service without penalty. After that date, no pro-rating of the annual cost of the service will occur.

If new-to-CFIS families are interested in the bussing service, what should they do?

During your tour, inform the Director of Enrolment about your interest in CFIS's bussing service. Parents applying after the bussing registration deadline will be able to select from one of the predetermined group collection points.

What are the bussing rates for the 2019-20 school year?

Mornings Only OR Afternoons Only (one-way) - $1,500 per school year

Mornings AND Afternoons (both ways) - $2,500 per school year

What if my child wants to use the bussing service occasionally?

Should occasional bussing be required, please e-mail to discuss your situation.