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Emotional and learning support

CFIS students have access to an impressive array of learning and emotional supports to inspire and to guide toward success. 

Classroom teachers are assisted by a literacy facilitator, a reading specialist, numerous teacher assistants and interns, a guidance counsellor, and three learning strategists. Additionally, programs in the Secondary Division, such as team teaching and our House program, ensure every student's social and academic development is closely monitored. 

Whether it is working with a student who has a learning difference or supporting one who wants to charge ahead in a particular area, faculty and leadership recognize the needs of the individual.

Elementary and Early Childhood Division supports

From preschool to Grade 6 our learning strategist team works with families to develop strategies to support individual students.

Every September, teachers help the team identify areas where support is needed as well as areas where individual students require challenge or enrichment. 

Our two learning strategists for these divisions are busy with both learning support and enrichment for our many gifted students. They work one-on-one with students and also help families find strategies to support their child's learning. 

In Grade 1, reading begins and our specialized reading instructor works with every student to tackle the challenge of written French and form an strong foundation on which to read many other languages. 

Our literacy facilitator works with students of all ages to develop a love for reading and books. She supports a group of children during after-school care to read and complete homework assignments. 

Secondary Divison supports

The Calgary French & International School's has an wonderful array of supports in place for our Secondary Division students. Students academic, social and emotional needs are carefully monitored through engaged leadership and small class sizes.  of around 10 to 20 students, and an 8:1 student to faculty ratio overall. 

Team teaching program

In a number of subject areas, we have implemented a team teaching program where faculty work in pairs in classrooms. Through this model, students receive more one-on-one attention and faculty can learn from each other's teaching styles, becoming more effective teachers all around. 

Emotional and academic support

Specialized learning strategists, a guidance counsellor, our school psychologist and an engaged faculty assist students in areas of challenge and offer workshops to the student and parent community on emotional and academic success. 

Our guidance counsellor and school psychologist support students in a variety of areas including: academics, social-emotional challenges, and academic learning differences.

Faculty mentor program

Each student in the Secondary Division is assigned a faculty mentor. Each faculty member has eight students to watch over throughout the year. Our motto here is, "No surprises!"

Mentors monitor a student's file and assignments in all study areas. They encourage students to get their work done through faculty-supported homework sessions, if they are having trouble completing assignments. 

Moreover, the mentor program is an opportunity for students to cultivate a relationship with one of our Secondary Division faculty members--someone who can monitor not only the academic progress of your child, but also his or her social and emotional well-being. 

Faculty mentors report to parents on a regular basis throughout the year, more often if an issue arises. 

University planning

From Grade 7 to 12, there is a growing focus on university preparation and exploring post-secondary options and areas of study, nationally and internationally.

Our students are inspired to pursue post-secondary studies in subjects as diverse as music and medicine. Faculty mentors and Secondary Division leadership, led by the CFIS Guidance Counsellor, support students to plan ahead academically and research which areas of study and universities might be the best choice for their future.