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Teacher goals, Student-led conferences, and Library fun

message from our library team at CFISAt CFIS, every teacher sets professional goals for each school year, and works with their principal to develop plans to meet these goals and build their own skills and knowledge. This week, I have met individually with most of our ECE teachers, to discuss their priorities and vision for the year, and to explore the resources available to help them. It is such a gift to work with educators who are such excellent examples of lifelong learning, and who respond so eagerly to opportunities to push themselves and deepen their teaching practice. Each conversation has left me inspired and grateful.

Thank you to everyone who attended our student-led conferences yesterday and today. I have spent time checking on all the first-floor classrooms, and seeing the clear progression from our 3 year olds in preschool, through to our grade ones. Our commitment to balanced instruction, developmentally appropriate environments, and student-centered learning is clear in each room. Our students are so proud to demonstrate their own skills, and show their families not only what they are learning each day, but also how they are learning and practicing it.

A note from our library team:

Each of our ECE classrooms spends 30 minutes a week in our Elementary Learning Commons. There, they participate in pre-literacy activities, and pick out new books to keep in the classroom for the week. Here is a description of some of their activities to date, this year:

We started off our year with “Un robot à l’école”. Why you ask? Well because this unique robot is built with school supplies! What a fun way to start the school year and to remind the children of all the fun materials we get to use each day. You may have heard about him being built during our story time by the children in the school (we don't know where he is right now but I am sure he's around somewhere).

Later in September, we explored the significance of “Elmer The Elephant” and how every individual is different and important. This fun activity was shared from preschool to grade 6. We have created an beautiful mural in the Learning Commons. Come check it out!  (The real Elmer is hanging in the library, come see if you can find him!).

Our latest and greatest endeavor is our participation in Digital Citizenship month. For the ECE division, we did an activity about embracing life without digital influences. We rediscovered life without electric aids, from the perspective of a robot.  We reinforced the importance of participating in physical activities and how important it is to develop interpersonal relationships in a digital age.

Stay tuned for more exciting and educational news from your Learning Commons.


Mme. Eve-Line Hudon

Did you know…

That access to libraries can help make young children more resilient in the face of stress and trauma? As you read above, our CFIS students are so fortunate to have access to positive library experiences, and I encourage you to explore the resources available to families at the Calgary Public Library. This article describes the role that libraries can play in building resilience:

With the new Central LIbrary opening very soon in Calgary, here is a link to help you learn more about the opportunities that the Calgary Public Libraries offer to families with young children:

Have a happy and sunny weekend with your little ones;