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Update from the Boards

The Annual General Meetings of the Calgary French & International School Society (“the Society”) and the Calgary International Language Foundation (“the Foundation”) took place on Wednesday, November 29. 

The following individuals were elected or re-elected to the Society’s Board of

Curtis Cook (new)
Peter Forrester (re-elected)
Wellington Holbrook (new)
Dr. Katherine Mueller (new)
John Piasta (re-elected)
Gertrud Schneider Chary (re-elected)
Jamie Lynne Smith (new)
Joanne Weninger (new)

They join current Society Board members Mark Dahlman, Akhil Garg, Dianne Gereluk, Leann Hackman-Carty, Marnie Rodgers, Simon Rainsbury, Steve Stowkowy, and Jim Zunti. Retiring Board members include Dr. Ann Calvert, Peter Dufresne, Trevor Kawka, Jim McEvoy, and Ryan Sullivan. 

The following individuals were elected or re-elected to the Foundation’s Board of

Stephen Burns (re-elected)
Gordon Ellis (new)
Alison Hierons (new)
Trevor Kawka (new)
Ian Lavoie (re-elected)
Brian Reid (new) 

They join current Board member Lyle Guard on the Foundation Board. Olivia Woo and Frances Yuen retired from the Foundation Board after ten years of voluntary service.
The CFIS Endowment Society held its final AGM on this same evening. A special meeting of the members of the CFIS Endowment Society took place on Wednesday, November 22nd, on the subject of dissolution of that organization. The members present in person and via proxy unanimously agreed to dissolve the Endowment Society. The Endowment Society is a registered charity incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta, so the next step is for articles of dissolution to be submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Alberta Corporate Registries. If approved, the Endowment Society’s assets, of just under $100,000, will be donated to the CFIS Society.