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Zoo School!

One of our Grade 3 classes was off-site each day last week, at the Chevron Open Minds “Zoo School”. The students and their teacher participated in hands-on, trans-disciplinary programming directly linked to their program of studies. Two other CFIS Grade 3 classes already took part in this program earlier in the school year, and our fourth Grade 3 class will be spending a week at "City Hall School" in the near future.

The students completed a daily journal about their experiences. A particular highlight was that each student was able to spend time visiting the same animal each day, and got to take part in some one-of-a-kind behind-the-scenes experiences.

There were many hugs and even some tears at the end of the week, as students said goodbye to the animals and facilitators. Experiences like this are part of how CFIS encourages students to be advocates for the protection of our world.